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Operation Overhaul – Progress Update #1

Great news so far, Alpha Swarm free downloads jumped significantly yesterday from the day before, and it is even in the top 100 free games! A special thanks to the freebie sites that posted about it (App Chronicles and iPhoneHeadlines). Hopefully the downloads will continue to rise, it’s awesome to see so many people downloading it.

Anyway, here’s a small preview of the pre game weapon select and post game layout coming to Alpha Swarm.

No, it won't really be monochramatic.

Some additions that you guys requested have been added in, including a quick restart that throws you back into the action.

Additionally, you may notice a shop icon. This is part of a much larger addition that I plan to add, which includes upgradable weapons and characters as the game progresses. I’m not quite ready to release much more info on the shop than that for now, though. 😉

Cheers and thanks for reading, comments welcome!